Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Kissing by the waterfall

Another real life story from my friend. - Eolake

Yesterday around noon I went up to the waterfall behind our houses. The air was sparkling yesterday, we had had a big rain the day before, and finally, a sunny day . . . . The Falls were THUNDERING, just pounding, and the sunlight coming through the woods and through the water was just gorgeous. There were rainbow colors coming through the water! I thought I was on some kind of drug, but no, it was Reality, fresh and clear. There was a father with his two sons playing around up there, it was cute. I sat on a huge boulder directly facing the falls and swung my legs over and just stared at the power of water. There was even a thick ice formation, still turquoise, behind the falls, and the sun shooting through the ice, then through the curtain of water, I tell you, it was stunning. I turned my head briefly and saw, down by a huge cave-like rock, two women kissing. They were very attractive, in their 20's, and they looked VERY in love . . . I noticed the father up ahead was trying not to look at them, lol . . . When I saw them I thought, "hmmm, well, okay." Then, the next thought "lesbian" entered my mind, bringing a kind of heavy, dark mist. An unease, a shame.

Immediately Awareness came to the forefront, a spotless Mirror, and the thought dissolved instantly into the pristine fresh atmosphere of the waterfall, of the father and sons, of two people kissing . . . . Suddenly I was filled with such huge JOY, as if Christ Himself were smiling and the ONENESS of LOVE in our midst. I was caught up in what felt like a smile of the Universe. Not a judgement abided in this space. Not a single thought, label, fear or shame was present. Just total joy at us all together, in beauty, in love.

For me, to be naked these days, is to be utterly free of judgement.
No good or bad, no right or wrong, just Life presenting itself as it is. Reality here is alive, almost sexy, visceral, strengthening.

Honestly, I'm glad somebody had the sense to be kissing in that
stunning place ......


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