Sunday, March 20, 2011

Too many problems...

"No one could solve all the problems the world appears to hold. They seem to be on so many levels, in such varying forms and with such varied content, that they confront you with an impossible situation. Dismay and depression are inevitable as you regard them. Some spring up unexpectedly, just as you think you have resolved the previous ones. Others remain unsolved under a cloud of denial, and rise to haunt you from time to time, only to be hidden again but still unsolved.

All this complexity is but a desperate attempt not to recognize the problem, and therefore not to let it be resolved. If you could recognize that your only problem is separation, no matter what form it takes, you could accept the answer because you would see its relevance."

- ACIM, Lesson 79

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mary ann said...

yes, I , in simple words think that there is not problem unless if you choos to see it a problem and all things under the sun resolve themselves..because they will..I feel all things serve a purpose and yes separation is a big issue to wonder about..that reminds me of Rumi's saying, we are like the moths around the light of a candle..trying so desperately to seek the light, the wonder even if it may crispen your wings..but, the desire is so go towards it..