Friday, December 17, 2010

The Roads to God

They say there are thousands of roads to god. And I believe it.
I think though that a couple of the most important ones are:

  • Observation
  • Advanced forgiveness
  • Communication
  • Envisioning Oneness

Re Observation: the ego and the evils of life persist mainly because we can't face them. A major part of most good therapies and philosophies is look directly at things and see them as they are. Just observe them, and without judgment. (This can take a while to achieve though for many subjects.)

Advanced forgiveness is a big subject, but has much to do with Letting Go of things, especially negative emotions, and things one is attached to for better or worse.

Any communication, in the broadest sense of the word (including perception) is a gradual breaking of the belief in separation. Each little communication heals the separation a little bit. This is basically what the universe was made for, it's a big Communication Machine.

Especially when one is getting closer to Awakening, one might get perceptions of Oneness. Of Unity. Often associated with white light. These perceptions sometimes can be helped along by envisioning Oneness on purpose.
I believe this is a great accelerator of the awakening process, but it is also very disturbing to the Ego, which believes falsely that it (you) *is* separated from Oneness (God), and that it has to remain so, because daddy is soooo p***d off. The depth and intensity of the Fear that the idea of contact with Oneness engenders is incredible, it defies any description.
That's why it takes such a long time.


Mary Ann said...

you got the nail on the head. Although, there are many ways to God within us, it can be soooo difficult to even see the illumination of the light of the road, because life is very exhausting..of course we try to make it as peaceful as we can..but, once in a while things pop up and although one sees the lighted road..the road gets covered by the temporary fog that stops one..It is a challenge to keep your mind, heart, body and spirit in a semi-balanced state in order to see the divine presence that has always been within us. I enjoy your blog and thank you. Happy Holiday.

eolake said...

Thanks again.

I've just updated this post with a bullet point and a paragraph about "observation".