Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Is it too hard to do?

I have learned during this lifetime, that yes, sometimes the right thing to do is hard. But often, if it is very, very hard to do, it's just not the right thing to do, at least for now. 

It could be your Higher Self trying to block you from making a mistake, for reasons you can't see or understand.

Adyashanti tells a story which is a good example. As a young man, he was into bicycle racing, and was very good at it, and he was very competitive.
But then he got dramatically sick, for months, and couldn't do it.
When he got well, he just biked for fun. But then he got better yet, and soon he was into full competitive racing again.
And: he got dramatically sick once more.
This time he got the message.

We often can't see or understand the whole picture, but our Higher Self can. And while its messages are often subtle, sometimes they are not!
So, don't give up easily, but think twice if something just seems way too hard. If it's the right thing for you at that time, it should not be that hard.

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TC [Girl] said...

Speaking of Adyashanti, wondering if you would be interested in this. Sounds interesting.