Thursday, June 17, 2010

What is a goal?

Please read this post on my mainstream blog. Quote:
"Almost inevitably we see, when we have reached a Goal, that we are no happier now. We need another goal. And I think if one can get to a state where one sort of just "follows the flow" or lives intuitively, life works better."

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Jan said...

Reaching goals doesn't make me happy. But reaching them helps me accept my flawed self and usually makes me safer or more comfortable, which are things that help me be happy in the long run.

Living a life dominated by goals makes it difficult to fully savour life. So it's probably best kept for limited times when the payoff is big.

One of the four Buddhist noble truths is "Suffering is caused by craving."
I agree that constant craving doesn't make us happy.
But I'd rather stop craving once I'm a wealthy buddhist than forever be a poor buddhist. ;-)