Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Big Sponge, a theory of Time

The Big Sponge, a theory of Time
By Eolake Stobblehouse

(This is a quick sketch of a new theory. I hope to refine it as time goes. The ideas which went into this has come from various studies, as well as my personal perceptions and research through about 25 years.)

Time is like a big, spherical sponge.

The center is the beginning of time. The outer surface is the end of time.

Souls start their journey someplace in the sponge, and work their way towards the edge. When they reach the edge, they Awaken, and end.

It's a "sponge" because some souls finish earlier, giving a ragged edge/surface.

The beginning of time at the center starts with one soul-track, which splits into different souls.

The tracks also split whenever a soul has a choice which makes him progress faster outwards, or not. He can't, of course, go inwards or stay level, he always progresses.

The apparency of a life is what is seen as the Big Consciousness is looking at the Sponge, seeing just one track at a time.

All the tracks are there, but if the consciousness chooses the more "Whole" (has less characteristic of split) of two choices, he continues on the track which moves faster towards the edge/end.

Choices which makes for faster progress is any thought which has more unity, and less split. The one which more resembles the Oneness Truth.
... Or at least this is an essential element of Truer Thoughts as it's seen near the Edge.
But *everything* in life helps progress. Any communication through the history of time has helped. Science, religion, commerce, family, all of it plays its role. [footnote]

I think the Many Souls were created very early on, as a solution to no more progress seemingly being available to the finished ego soul (which took an astounding amount of time to develop). (The first soul destroyed itself and rebuilt itself to find out how it had done it, so others could be made (make themselves?).) The apparency of more souls made Communication available, with the theory that if everybody keeps communicating for long enough, eventually all will be known.

The sponge is floating in a Bubble, which is the One Consciousness. The sponge was made as a tool to make the One Consciousness, which is also illusory, realize the illusoriness of its apparent situation, which is one of seeming separation from Source, which is what the bubble is floating in.

Source is infinite.
It is One.
It has no characteristics.
Since it's one, it has nothing to be conscious of, and therefore is not "conscious", though it's aware.
It's our true being.
It is less aware of the illusory One Consciousness or the sponge than an whale is aware of a barnacle on its back.

... Man, I forgot my own favorite: art.
It's my perception that the creation and enjoyment of Beauty is, well, divine. It's a reflection of wholeness and togetherness, and leads outwards.
Late in the game (near the edge) a direct conception or perception of the wholeness is essential. But for most of the time, communication is the most important part. Undeveloped souls (of which it's my perception there are still many) can't really Communicate as we understand it, the best they can do is sort of perceive the warmth of somebody expressive nearby. But they still make progress.

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