Friday, October 3, 2008

Talking about houses...

Until a couple of years ago I was quite occupied for a while with what kind of home I'd ultimately like to have. Would it be a cool self-built house for instance?

I sort of lost interest, mostly. And reading DU it was confirmed to me that this is because your external circumstances are of no consequence.

Of course if one recognizes that, one can still do what one wants.

I think as humans we tend to try to change our external circumstances (like get a bigger home) in order to change our spiritual life (feel better). The thing is this does not work.

However I think one could change one's external circumstances to *reflect* one's inner state. Have an inner affluence spill over into an outer one.

But I suspect that if it feels *important* to do so, probably one is not so happy and free as believed, and needs to work on the Inner life some more.

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