Monday, January 28, 2008

Acquiring Stuff

Isn't it funny how the Ego thinks it can get comfort by Acquiring Stuff? I think that if my personal finances were still as poor as they were some years ago, I would (still) think that my happiness depended on me being able to buy the cameras, books, films, and computers that I wanted. Instead, since I can, and have done so, I have observed that this does not work.

This only stops me from going over the top, though, and from buying way, way too much. I don't do that, even though I could afford it. But I still buy a bit more than I need, and I still sort-of thinks it's going to make me happy. Instead it makes me kind-of happy while I'm waiting for it to arrive, and for about 39 hours after it arrives... :)

My ego-self is not very bright!

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