Saturday, October 27, 2007

Quitting the game

Corinne Edwards talk about spirituality, including The Secret (the popular movie), which teaches how make things happen by thinking Right. Here's a dialogue with her:

I am wondering, though: after ACIM, is The Secret not a step back? Strongly desiring certain things to happen in The Dream? Instead of forgiving The Dream and letting the HS direct life?

Corinne said:
Dear Eolake -
Thanks for your comment. Happy to connect with you.
The Secret is based on the work of Esther and Jerry Hicks. Look up their book, The Power of Intention. [Update: "The Power of Intention" was written by Dr. Wayne Dyer not Esther and Jerry Hicks. The Hicks wrote "Ask and It Is Given".] Or their website. It is interesting. They were not included in the Secret because the publisher wanted too many rights to their material. Their work is helpful. Coming from a different direction from ACIM but interesting. Very much like the Seth materials.
I think the book serves its purpose. Might get a certain type of person going on their life.
There is nothing on the planet to compare with A Course In Miracles. I think it is important to note that it is a spiritual thought system and not a religion.
As far as wanting things as we live in the “Illusion,” I think it is like my nine year old grandsom who plays video games. Loves them. He knows they are not real but he still wants to win the game. Then he goes out and shoots some baskets in the driveway. He knows he is not in the NBA but he still enjoys gettting the ball in the basket.
My thought is that if we are in the “game” here, why not play it to win!

I said:
Fair enough.
I think, though, that there is tendency to see Mind-Over-Matter as being *spirituality*, when it’s most of the time simply Playing The Game better. It looks like spiritual progress, but it just gets you to higher levels in the video game, and will never get you out of it.

Some of the most heinous and materialistic people in history have used “The Secret” very successfully. They weren’t spiritual, they were just hot-shots on the joystick.

And like you say, your grandson sometimes quits the games console and goes out. A Course In Miracles is the way to do just that, so you’re not stuck in the game forever.


Debbie said...

I came across your blog while searching ACIM. There have been many references brought to my attention to it over the last two months, I am compelled to buy a copy. I am half way through The Disappearance of the Universe; it's fascinating.

BTW, the book, The Power of Intention, which is mentioned in your dialogue with Corinne Edwards was written by Dr. Wayne Dyer not Esther and Jerry Hicks. The Hicks wrote, Ask and It Is Given.

Your blog is wonderful:)

eolake said...

Thank you very much, Debbie.

When you've finished DU, tell me. I love that book.

eolake said...

How did you find this site? YouTube? Google?
(I think you'd like my videos on YouTube.)