Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Proactive forgiveness

I believe in proactive forgiveness. :)

For instance, today I noticed a hint of shame in my thinking. Now, seeing as how, as a human being, I don't have all that much to be ashamed of (comparatively:), I had assumed that I did not have much shame. But when I started to just look at it with the HS, it turned out I had loads! It just ballooned and ballooned. It was not easy, but I like confronting things. And I get the impression that I got a good ways towards defusing something today.


laurie said...

forgiveness traveling the speed of LIGHT

it's Who we are

How quickly can we drop the picture before us and REALLY see?

and REALLY feel?


thank you Eolake for so shining that light

eolake said...

"Forgiveness at the speed of light."
Cool phrase. I'll adopt it.